09 January 2011

Where to track things

I've been thinking recently about concentrating some of the information a little bit higher in the system and cutting the low level back as far as we can.   Keep in mind objective 1: this is a game for big battles.  If the only battles we can make interesting are Mars-la-Tour, Gravellotte/St Privat and Sedan and we do them well then the objective is met.

So lets consider making the corps the centerpiece.  We will track resolve (see this earlier post) and overall posture by the corps.  Divisions (4 German stands or 3 French) will have state and status but this will be within the umbrella of the corps.  This should get the army player thinking about the divisions as consumable units and away from thinking of each standing as having a meaning within a complex division. It also keeps the stand count down and reduces the amount of fiddling we do with disposable units.

We are looking at 5 French corps for each of the Army of the Rhine and the Army of Chalons.(each with 2-4 infantry divisions and one cavalry division) while the Germans brought 7 corps to the party at Mars-la-tour so the numbers are very manageable compared to running the Germans as brigades or tracking too much info at division level.

This simplifies the management of artillery and cavalry as will, since they can (for the most part, where's my prybar?) be associated with some corps or other.

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