22 November 2011

Lets try to get this moving again.

I have been over-focusing on WWII for a while; time to return to a period that at least had prettier uniforms.

A couple thoughts to implement first:

  • 40mm square bases- near as matters 1.5" - should look at bit nicer for the brigades, plus I could use them at need for half-scale Volley and Bayonet.  I'll re-base the Germans this weekend.
  • The "hidden information under base" method makes blinds redundant.
  • While Gravellotte/St. Privat can be a straight-up fight, Mars-la-Tour depends totally on neither side knowing the enemy situation.  Which means you need to have available the whole potential OB for both sides, and some mechanism for secretly working out which is true and getting everything in place.  The V&B Road to Glory system, which uses a card draw to conceal or re-schedule some assets, adjusting victory based on the draw, is a good start point.  But sorting and organizing takes some of the precious play time, so carefully!

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