01 August 2011

Comparing two Corps - French

For the Army of the Rhine:

V Army Corps: Général de Failly
    lst Division: Général Goze
        lst Brigade: Général Saurin
            llth Line Regiment (3)
            46th Line Regiment (3)
            4th Légère Battalion (l)
        2nd Brigade: Général Baron Nicolas-Nicolas
            6lst Line Regiment (3)
            86th Line Regiment (3)
        Artillery: Lt. Colonel Rolland
            5/6th Artillery Regiment (6 guns)
            6/6th Artillery Regiment (6 guns)
            7/6th Artillery Regiment (6 Mitrailleus)
        2nd Engineer Regiment (l co)
    2nd Division: Général de l'Abadie d'Aydrien
        lst Brigade: Général Lapasset
            84th Line Regiment (3)
            97th Line Regiment (3)
            l4th Légère Battalion (l)
        2nd Brigade: Général de Maussion
            49th Line Regiment (3)
            88th Line Regiment (3)
        Artillery: Lt. Colonel Bougault
            7/2nd Artillery Regiment (6 guns)
            8/2nd Artillery Regiment (6 guns)
            5/2nd Artillery Regiment (6 Mitrailleus)
        2nd Engineer Regiment (l co)
    3rd Division: Général Guyol de Lespart
        lst Brigade: Général Abbatucei
            l7th Line Regiment (3)
            27th Line Regiment (3)
            l9th Légère Battalion (l)
        2nd Brigade: Général de Fontanges de Couzan
            30th Line Regiment (3)
            68th Line Regiment (3)
        Artillery: Lt. Colonel Montel
            ll/2nd Artillery Regiment (6 guns)
            l2/2nd Artillery Regiment (6 guns)
            9/2nd Artillery Regiment (6 Mitrailleus)
        2nd Engineer Regiment (l co)
    Calvary Division: Général Brahaut
        lst Brigade: Général Viscomte de Pierre de Bernis
            5th Hussar Regiment (4)
            l2th Chasseur à Cheval Regiment (4)
        2nd Brigade: Général de la Mortière
            3rd Lancer Regiment (4)
            5th Lancer Regiment (4)
    Artillery Reserve:
        6/2nd Artillery Regiment (6 guns)
        l0/2nd Artillery Regiment (6 guns)
        ll/l0th Artillery Regiment (6 guns)
        ll/l4th Artillery Regiment (6 guns)
        5/20th Horse Artillery Regiment (6 guns)
        6/20th (Horse? according to Weigle) Artillery Regiment (6 guns)
    Engineering Reserve:
        2nd Engineer Regiment (l co)
        Sapper Detachment

Lets vacillate a little, and put the French on a standing of 3 40x30 stands per division.  This makes the figures a bit more flexible for other sorts of game.  French corps vary a lot, so this is just an example.
So, like the Germans, corps command stand with a mounted officer.

Line infantry, 3 divisions each of 3 stands of 8 figures; one stand in each division gets an officer figures to mark it as a command stand.

Light infantry are three battalions, about 2000 men --Much like the Jaegers, and with the same caveats attached.

The French corps has a whole division of cavalry, totaling 16 squadrons.  This easily justifies (based on our earlier calculations) a division with 2 brigade stands.

French divisional batteries were generally 4 pdr; according to Weigle half the reserve artillery for this Corps is 12pdr.  So,  8 batteries of 4-pdr, 6 batteries of 12-pdr, 2 or Horse artillery, and 3 of
Mitrailleus. There is no nice, integer way to split this up.  Lets try 3 stands of 4-pdr, 1 of horse, 1 of heavy, and 1 of Mitrailleus

A single logistics stand could represent both the pontoon bridge and the equipment for the pioneer. 

So, the table - remembering that there is no "standard" corps structure.  Still with 5 Corps at Mars-la-Tour we ar still going to be looking at around 100 stands.

Type Stands Figures
Corps Command 1 1
Mounted command
Infantry 9 72
Line Infantry

Foot command
Cavalry 2 6
Hussar and Lancers
Light Inf 1 6
Heavy Artillery 1 1
Guns (with crew)
Light Artillery 3 2
Guns (with crew)
Horse Artillery 1 1
Guns (with crew)
Mitrailleus 1 1
Mg with crew
Total 19

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