18 July 2012

Corps command stands - worth it?

Given the difficult nature of communications in the late 19th century, it makes a lot of sense to know where your senior commanders are.  The very top is simple:  for the Germans, the All Highest and his staff plus two army commanders; for the French, there is "our glorious Bazaine" at the very top.

For a muti-player game three players is fine for the Germans but one commander is lean for the French.  For that matter, the German armies were not equally represented. 

The problem is that our next lower level, the Corps, is a small number of stands - 3 for the Germans, 4 or 5 for the French.  There are also quite a number of Corps (16 or so counting both sides), so in a multiplayer game a team member is not going to play just one.

On the other hand, these people are interesting, and their personalities and rivalries influenced the battle.  Is that a detail that deserves capture, or just something the player should bring to the game himself?

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