01 December 2010


Krupp divisional guns (4 and 6 pdr) had a nominal effective range of 3000 m, but were usually not employed over 2000. Used a shell with an effective percussion fuse.

French divisional guns (4 pdr ) had a 2-setting timed fuse (effective around 1500 and 2800 m) but the back-up percussion fuse often failed. Later in the war, newly manufactured shells worked fine. The French kept similar 12pdr guns concentrated at Corps.

The Reffye and comparable mitrailleuse reached out to 2500m and doctrinally was designed as a superior light artillery, to be used to compensate for the lack of grapeshot or case for the rifled guns.

In representing these guns and tactics, there are a couple of considerations. A French division simply had fewer guns than a German division. This could be represented by using different stats for the French fun models; one might ask if this should also be reflected in base size. I am not sure yet. Simply having more German gun stands may get crowded.

How do we represent the Mitrailleuse? They are part of the "pretty" factor so cannot be left off the table?
  • They could be factored into French divisional gun stats, and some proportion of divisions represented with Rayffe models instead of 4pdrs.
  • They could their own models, at division level. This runs a risk of being fiddly
  • They could be concentrated at corps, or handed out to some fraction of divisions.
Again, still in the thought stages.

Also need to reflect on artillery tactics, especially re-arming procedures, but that is another post.

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