09 December 2010

More pictures

Lets look at a couple of pictures - and if you have Google earth you can actually visit some interesting parts of out battlefield.

This image is  from street-view, and is looking to Rezonville.  You will have to blow up the image, but I am pretty sure that the clump of trees on the horizon right of centre is Rezonville itself.

If so, then we have an interesting distance.  The yellow line below which links what I think are the two points we are talking about is 4.5 km long.
Food for though!  The line is 18" on the gameboard.  And in the same space, here is a 300m base -- the faint yellow square roughly centre low.


  1. I beg to differ, if you look at the pattern of the fields and at the dead ground by the clump then look at the over head you can see a line, a stream possibly or path with patches of trees. One of those right by your line 1/2 way to Rezonville is your clump of trees. Rezonville is on the crest line which forms the horizon.

    You may also note that only the tops of the other woods patches can be seen. There is ample dead ground there to conceal a regiment in the middle of what looks like a flat plain at first glance. But they would be visible as a smudge moving from Rezonville.


  2. I should explain that what I'm trying to get my head around is not so much at what range effective fire starts; that's fairly well documented. It's more the point at which one should reveal a blind -- it the smudge on the horizon enough to say "Hey, look, the Germans are coming"? Could there be an intermediate state where a blind as marked as "not empty" without being fully revealed? Or does the blind give enough of an impression all by itself?

  3. Seems to me that if the blind was deployed in the area where that little clump is, and was attempting to lie low, it would take active recce to determine what was there. If a skirmish line opened fire, reserves could still be concealed.

    If the blind was approaching from Resonville, the troops would be spotted but I'm not sure how easy positive id might be. Might need patrols to be sent out or maybe field glasses would make the difference. So maybe the blind should come off or maybe not. If one was expecting enemy from that direction it would probably be assumed
    so if it turned out to be friends, they might get fired on. Likewise if friends were expected and it turned out to be enemy......

  4. Perhaps one might see some of the troops in a blind, but the blind shoudl remain until something happens to make the situation "certain"?