29 December 2010

Rules for the last kilometer?

My thinking so far is to have a a sequence of play consisting, broadly, of
  1. Grand-tactical movement, which would leave troops out of effective rifles range of their opponents (more or less).
  2. Some sort of bombardment/counter-battery phase for artillery fire
  3. An assault phase that covers movement through defensive fire and into close combat, with a resolution of the assault.
While we are looking at a 2 hour turn, most authorities agree that the time that men would stand actively exposed to fire is pretty limited - measure in minutes not hours.  That makes resolving the whole of infantry combat for a single turn quite sensible, and keeps the pace up so that we are not swamped with detail and fail to make our time target.

However, we do want the combat process to tell a story -- the process should drive out results like a repulse, or being driven to ground as well as varying degrees of success in taking or holding the position.

There should be some level of give and take as well - I could see a series of attacks and counter attacks as the two sides move and resolve combat until basically the front goes quiet.  Maybe something like this:
  1. Players determine initiative.  I would suggest that whichever player has the most stands withing assault range of the enemy and in an offensive posture has the initiative, and must attack first.  Some mechanism should probably force some, if not all, such units to attack.  Let's call that player the "attacker" for the moment.
  2. The attacker advances all units which will/must attack to within one inch of the enemy.  Some units may already be there because of previous results.
  3. On a unit-by unit basis, resolve combat- ideally one roll per unit. Results would be
    •  Repulsed - back to 4" from enemy, change various stats
    • Go to Ground suppressed  - find a nice hole, and stay in it, 2" (500m) from enemy  Will need intervention to get moving again.
    • Go to Ground firefight - find a nice position and stay an inch from the enemy, still scrapping.
    • Close Combat Engaged - still fighting, indecisive
    • Take ground - defender falls back and goes to ground - firefight
    • Take ground - defender falls back and goes to ground -suppressed
    •  Take ground - defender repulsed.
One the attacking player was finished, eligible defending units could/have to assault or counter-attack.  This would be followed by a counter-attack cycle for the attacker and that is that?  Or more such cycles?

Next post I'll muse on stats/attributes/whatever?

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  1. If the combat resolution is simple enough, I would suggest a series of rounds until a definitive result is achieved. Perhaps a comparative die roll with modifiers. The low score would lose Resolve and/or stands and perhaps retreat based on the difference. If still in the combat zone and with sufficient resolve then another round follows until one side is driven to retreat or the attacker's resolve drops too low to try again.