21 November 2010

An initial vision of sequence of play

Lets see how much this changes as we go along:

Embedded within the usual administrative phases we have (assuming a turn equals about 2 hours):
  • Shared operation movement phase where formations and blinds more than some distance from the enemy and in a formation and state to do so move rapidly, but end at a distance either still out of range or at some long range. This should probably include or be proceeded by some recon component, where blinds are revealed voluntarily or otherwise. Movement would be a good long way, say up to an hour's distance. I think some sort of alternating movement by brigade.
  • A deployment and intentions stating phase.
  • A series of combat phases, alternating with the sequence driven by initiative. This could include a number of cycles until both players decide to stop attacking or are unable to. Movement in this phase would be limited to a scale kilometer or so.
  • Perhaps a closing operational phase where players exploit or consolidate their situations?
Glancing at movement, Kriegsspiel offers 100 paces a minute for foot, without a whole lot of variation -- about 4.5 km.

Volley and Bayonet offers 1.6 km for a 1 hour turn operating as a mass, but in march column 3.2km cross country and 4.8km on roads.

Ardent du Picq at one point mentions that column of companies is a poor way to move troops over any distance because it is close and confining, and they will tend to suffer from heat exhaustion.

1 comment:

  1. Not column of companies in general but mass or close column which means no interval between companies. Apart from heat exhaustion, it is difficult to maneuver in mass or close column and hard to deploy from one. By contrast a column at 1/2 or even 1/4 distance is easy to maneuver and individual companies can be peeled off.

    re sequence, the higher the level, the more I am in favour i-all-go, u-all-go rather than interactive or interspersed as there is a serious time lag between discovering what the enemy is up to and reacting to it.

    In addition, my experience has been that with players moves being interspersed, the game takes long as many players will reassess their options at each activation. Not necessarily bad but something to be taken into account.