16 November 2010

Stand Sizes, redux

Number two. Beauty being everything (or we might as well play with cardboard counters) it occurs to me that while a 30mm frontage looks OK as a march column, 40mm looks quite naff especially where everything else is 30mm (except command stands, but they don't count).

I was just going to edit the old post, but since this is a log...

Cavalry Regiment, both sides: 2 figures - 5-600 horse, 30mm x 30mm
1/3 of a Brigade - 2 battalions, 2000 men, German: 6 figures, 30mm x 30mm
Infantry Regiment - 2000 men, French: 6 figures, 30mm x 30mm
Guns (2 batteries, 12 guns): 1 gun and crew 30mm x 30mm or 40mm depending on model size.

That will make a French brigade 2 infantry stands, and a German 3.

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