16 November 2010

A plan for basing - number one

I wonder how many of these I will work through.

Anyway, assuming 10mm figures and with the first dimension the stand front:

Cavalry Regiment, both sides: 2 figures, 30mm x 30mm
Infantry Regiment, German: 8 figures, 40mm x 30mm
Infantry Regiment, French: 6 figures, 30mm x 30mm
Guns (2 batteries): 1 gun and crew 30mm x 30mm or 40mm depending on model size.

Division command will have to carry status information, so perhaps 40mm square or circle with a small command diorama and space for markers. Likewise for Corps and Army, perhaps with different shapes.

I am also considering "markers stand" to provide spacing for march columns (a wagon and marching troops on say a 30mm x 60mm stand).


  1. Is the infantry base width likely to be relevant in combat or largely for visual and to prevent over crowding? Do you forsee for eample, French infantry regiments deployed side by side and touching so that 4 of them end up with the same frontage as 3 Prussians, also touching?

    Are you thinking about magnetic marker holders?

    The march column mark is a good idea. (Might steal that one)


  2. I think that this size and figure count should look good and (judging from Kriegspiel) for the Germans not too far from having 2 battalions up and one back. Having the frontage, figure sizes and bayonet strength in proportion avoids a certain "huh?" factor that some experience when 750 men occupy the same front as 1000.

    Denser formations can be represented by allowing columns two or more bases deep (I have to sort out the details) to have appropriate strength to the front.

    What I am dithering with is how to represent extended line.

    Market holders: Yes, magnetic would work with inkjet magnetic cards and a couple of washers glued to the command base. There are other ways to do it as well, like a small card stand on the base and a paper marker held in it or a nice "nest" for a small status tracking die. I do want it to be home-made, or at least made from stuff I can get readily here, rather than specially made by some third party.

    I stole the march column marker from V&B.